Tyskland svarer igen mod Frankrig

Dårligt er blækket tørt på det Franske indlæg om 144 MHz til CEPT mødet i Ankara førend Tyskland svarer igen. Fra officiel tysk side afviser man blankt de franske argumenter. Det er ikke muligt at kombinere ubemandede aeronautiske tjenster og amatørtrafik uden voldsom gensidig interferens. Tyskerne støtter ikke det franske forslag. Det officielle tyske papir lægger sig meget op af de argumenter som IARU har fremført. Tyskerne skriver:

Use of the frequency range of 144-146 MHz by both non-safety-related air radio AMS and by the amateur radio service is not possible without strong mutual interference. Even with a low altitudes AMS device, with an assumed 1 watt EIRP, ranges of several hundred km distance from the transmitter are covered with high field strengths. At 10,000 m altitude, the coverage area has a radius of more than 500 km.

In the reverse case, signals from a technically average amateur radio station at the receiver of the AMS aircraft are at such high levels that safe operation of the aircraft is not guaranteed. In metropolitan areas with their high density of amateur radio stations and most presumably also AMS flying objects, the scrambled disturbances on both sides will be even more pronounced.

For these reasons, the proposal to include the 2m band (144-146 MHz), which is allocated to the Amateur Radio Service worldwide in studies considering its use for AMS, should not be progressed.

Læs det fulde indlæg nedenfor.

CPG(19)INFO108_D – AI10 – German view on 144-146 MHz

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