Opdatering af Region 1 log upload

S53WW har opdateret log upload funktionen på Region 1 contest serveren. Det er nu muligt at uploade flere båndlogs samtidigt. Se nedenfor.
Dear all,
we managed to implement – in the last minute – new LOG upload function for the 3 IARU R1 VHF&up contests which now works in accordance with the new rules.
Please be aware of 3 important changes:
1. it will not be possible to upload the LOG if some of the required information is missing or it is not declared in a proper way (see the necessary fields in the attached screen shot). So when you will upload ZIP with many LOGs be sure they are all compliant with this requirement – otherwise you will have to manually correct the failing ones and this will take a lot of your time!
2. we added GDPR compliance check box for both, individual participants and VHF managers uploading ZIP logs. We RECOMMEND that participants upload their logs individually, otherwise YOU (VHF/Contest managers) will have to manage YOUR GDPR compliance with each of the participant that will authorize you to upload his log!
3. we are implementing also ZIP LOG upload deadline (in accordance with the procedure in VHF MGR HBK) – late entries by VHF Managers will not be accepted any more!!!
73 de Robi/s53ww
C5CWG Chair
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