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Nu bliver det muligt at se contest score i real-time under den kommende septembertest. De altid progressive slovenere har sat et system op som fra N1MM og TR4W laver automatisk update på deres webpage. Læs mere nedenfor.


Dear VHF contesters

While the date of IARU R1 VHF contest is approaching very fast I would like make you aware that already several years SLOVHF WEB page is providing VHF contest claimed scores service available for VHF / UHF / SHF contest.

For N1MM+ users the user guide is available here and for TR4W users the user guide is here and with this set up automatic update of the score on the webpage is done. It is also possible to do manual updating of the score during the contest, but in this case you need to be logged into the web page.

While it very interesting for the claimed score web page visitors to see how the score of each station increase during the contest I am kindly inviting all to use this web page for publishing your score during IARU R1 VHF contest.

GL in the contest

de Miha, S51FB

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