IC-9700 guide

ZL3NW Andrew har med sin RadioToday serie af bøger begået en anderledes og ganske læsbar introduktion til moderne transceivere. Det seneste skud på stammen er The RadioToday Guide to the IC-9700. Bogen kan købes og downloades på Amazon.

This book includes useful tips and tricks for the configuration and operation of the amazing Icom IC-9700 VHF and UHF transceiver. Rather than duplicate the manuals which describe each button, function, and control, I have used a more functional approach. This is a “how to do it” book with easy to follow step by step instructions. The IC-9700 is a ground breaking amateur radio transceiver. It is the first full power, multi-mode, VHF/UHF amateur radio transceiver to be based on SDR technology. With this radio, Icom provides the perfect companion to the IC-7300. It is a transceiver for VHF and UHF DX operation, working satellites, EME, and repeater operation, supporting both traditional FM repeaters and D-Star digital. Many of the features included in the IC-9700 have never been available on VHF/UHF amateur radio transceivers before. All of these great features make the IC-9700 quite a complicated radio to configure and operate. The Radio Today guide to the Icom IC-9700 will help you to get the most out of this incredible transceiver.

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