Weinheim mødet 2020 aflyst

Weinheim mødet 2020 er blevet aflyst. Det er desværre endnu en følge af coronapandemien. Læs meddelelesen fra organisations komiteen nedenfor:

The 65th FM conference in Weinheim on September 11-13, 2020 has to be canceled.

We didn’t make the decision easy. According to the current state of the Corona regulations, a ban on major events will initially only apply until the end of August 2020, but it is not known how it will go on afterwards.

But what is clear in any case, Corona will not be gone. There will continue to be many editions that would mean a considerable additional burden for the hosting radio amateurs in Weinheim, while at the same time greatly reducing capacity. However, what is even more important to us is avoiding risks for us and our guests, since we must be in the majority of the risk group.

The VHF conference with well-attended lectures and subsequent discussion, roaming, looking and bargaining at the flea market stands, chatting in the corridor and in the canteen with old acquaintances and new hobby comrades, but also the camping event, barbecuing and the happy get-together on Conference weekend at our club house Wasserhaus makes up the conference.

In the interest of our guests and members of the association, we have now decided to cancel, so as not to tempt people to take risks. We don’t want to wear ourselves out in the many imponderables, but want to be ready for the FM conference in 2021.

Even if there is no event on site, we are currently checking whether we can fill the established space in the 2020 amateur radio calendar with a smaller virtual event and, if necessary, a small conference volume.

We ask interested speakers to contact us at by July 19, 2020 (registration deadline “Call before papers”).

We will publish further information here.


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