VK7MO MGM review af IC9700

VK7MO Rex har testet brugen af IC9700 til forskellige digital modes. På nogle områder er det et meget positivt review, mens der er problemer med frekvensstabiliteten. Sidstnævnte er formentlig koblet til den indbyggede blæser, noget som må kunne løses med en softwareopdatering.

Læs “Review of IC-9700 for Weak Signal Digital Modes” nedenfor.

Review of the IC 9700 (3B)
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VK7MO MGM review af IC9700 — 2 Comments

  1. About Con 4 (No mic in USB D)> Go to MENU -> Connectors -> MOD Input -> DATA MOD and change ‘USB’ to ‘MIC, USB’
    One ‘problem’ solved.

    About the ALC overshoot: I’m using a Gemini2-500 SSPA on 144 MHz. Due to power spikes this goes in protection mode. So the problem is most definitely there. Playing around with MIC COMP settings will help, but doesn’t eliminate the issue.

    Best regards,

    Randy, PH4X


  2. Latest comments on the mail fora is that there are no power spikes. The triggering of the protection mode can be overcome by setting a TX delay of 20 ms.

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