Nordisk VHF Møde 2017

Det nordiske VUSHF møde afholdes  9 – 11 Juni  2017 på Tjörn island (JO58TA).

Der er nu kommet en hjemmeside med lidt information,

Her lidt info fra Mats, SM6EAN :

As you may know, I “got the monkey” indirectly from the Nordic VUSHF meeting in Finland 2016 to take lead in finding a Swedish club that would take on the meeting 2017. The local club where I’m a member (West Coast Microwave group, VMG) accepted the challenge and I did send you a note some months ago to confirm this. VMG also organized the meeting 2001.


I’m now happy to announce the official webpage for the VUSHF meeting June 9-11, 2017: . It will be updated in a week or so with the booking functionality, so from around February 1st all should be in place.


/Mats, SM6EAN

SSA VHF Manager

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