Mere dekoding, band-mapping og EME pileup i WSJT-X

Den seneste udgave af WSJT-X indeholder nye funktioner for Q65 mode og bedre dekoding af FT8. Læs mere nedenfor og download her.

Copyright 2001 - 2023 by Joe Taylor, K1JT, and the WSJT Development Team

                      Release: WSJT-X 2.7.0-rc1
                             May 12, 2023

WSJT-X 2.7.0 Release Candidate 1 introduces a new program called QMAP,
a new Special Operating Activity known as Q65 Pileup, and a number of
other enhancements and fixes.

 - QMAP and Q65 Pileup mode are of particular interest to those
   engaged in Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) communication, but other
   applications may be found for them as well.

   - QMAP is derived from MAP65, an older program used since 2007 for
     EME, mainly on the 2 m band. QMAP provides single-polarization
     receive-only capabilities for any one of the 60-second submodes
     of Q65. It allows you to monitor all traffic in a 90 kHz subband
     while conducting EME QSOs in the usual way with WSJT-X.

   - Q65 Pileup mode is a new feature in WSJT-X that will assist DX
     operators using Q65 in pileup circumstances with many
     simultaneous callers and very weak signals, such as those
     experienced by 6-meter EME DXpeditions.

   - Further details on QMAP and Q65 Pileup mode are available in a
     Quick-Start guide posted here:

Click to access Quick_Start_WSJT-X_2.7_QMAP.pdf

- WSJT-X now provides more efficient spotting to PSK Reporter. Redundant spots are omitted, and posting of spots is now spread more widely in time. (Temporarily, in support of the HamSCI Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science, spots will be transmitted more frequently during the upcoming solar eclipses.) - WSJT-X is now able to process more than 100 FT8 decodes in a single reception interval. - Improvements to the Fox mode: - More convenient and efficient handling of the two queues. - Fox Log window now displays statistical data on the QSO rate. - When the station locator is changed (e.g during portable operations), the new locator will be sent automatically to PSK Reporter. - The cty.dat file can now be updated by clicking a button on the Settings -> Colors tab. - A new status display appears when fetching a new LotW file. - Multi-streamed messages transmitted by MSHV are now handled properly when WSJT-X is in Hound mode. - Auto-sequencing now has better protection against unwanted effects caused by late FT8 decodes. - Fixed an inconsistency in which Contest Name was not correctly remembered. - Other minor bug fixes. - Updated hyperlinks to our homepage and to our new WSJT GROUP User Forum ( can now also be found in the User Guide. - The build instructions for macOS have been clarified.
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