Libanon QRV på 50 MHz

Libanon bliver nu QRV på 50 MHz. Der er tale om en generel tilladelse fra 50-51,975 MHz. Se mail fra OD5KU nedenfor.

Dear Sir,

The Ministry of Telecommunication of the Republic of Lebanon, and under the thankful efforts of the RAL (Radio Amateurs of Lebanon) President Hani Raad (OD5TE) and VP Elie Kadi (OD5KU), granted the radio amateurs licensed in Lebanon the permission to utilize the 6 meters band (50Mhz).
The frequencies allowed for transmission are between : 50.000 MHz and 51.975 MHz.
Much to the happiness of the radio amateur community of Lebanon, the letter was signed today 19-April 2018 and communicated to the RAL and other related governmental entities.
What a better gift on Radio Amateur Day then that !??
Please amend the country listing for this band.

All the best
73, de Elie OD5KU

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