Hvad er bedst 1×11 el eller 4×3 el?

PA1TK har sammenlignet sin 11 el LFA yagi med 4×3 el DK7ZB yagier stakket vertikalt. Se og hør optagelsen her.
Læs Teo’s kommentar nedenfor:

April 23: Today i have done the test and it did confirm what I was thinking: the 4 x 3el DK7ZB yagi’s are very usefull as 2nd or 3rd antenna system during a VHF contest. Yes it looks like there is a bit more noise when switchting between the 11 el LFA and the 3 element group, but gain is very close and the beamwidth much better.  I received directly from Martin DK7ZB the following note: “”naturally you pick up more noise with a significant greater horizontal angle on the 3 el yagi’s. That has nothing to do with the feeding system. With an OWL-Yagi (split dipole 12,5 Ohm or folded dipole 50 Ohm) you get the same G/T as with a LFA-Yagi, but it is much more easier to construct””

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