Forberedende møde op til WRC-23

LB6B Ingebrigt arbejder for den norske telestyrelse og har deltaget i et forberedende møde op til
WRC-23 hvor oplægget til 23cm båndet blev forhandlet, og giver her sin opfattelse af forløbet.
Bemærk at dette IKKE er resultatet af WRC-23, men forhåbentlig det det ender med.

IARU Observations:
With respect to the Recommendation, there was no discussion about the weak signal working part
of the band covering 1296 – 1300 MHz. The previously agreed conditions of use remained
unchanged as detailed in earlier versions of the draft Recommendation.
The heaviest discussion focussed on the proposed “broadband” part around 1256 MHz and the
amateur satellite part from 1260-1262 MHz. Around 1256 MHz there is an overlap with all three
RNSS systems so finding the compromise was challenging.
In the end the amateur service retains 2.3 MHz of viable spectrum for broadband activities at
reasonable power levels in the range 1 255.76 MHz to 1 258 MHz.
China proposed many variations of parameters relating to amateur satellite operation but finally
technical conditions were agreed for viable amateur satellite operation in the range 1260-1262
In the parts of the band outside these “preferred frequency blocks” the proposed very low power
levels in effect suppress any meaningful amateur activity. These levels are deemed necessary to
protect the RNSS from the potential for harmful interference.
Importantly though, that the Recommendation is clearly identified as “Guidance” and there is the
flexibility for administrations to do anything or nothing as they feel appropriate.
Finally there will be further discussion on proposals in the WRC that may attempt to make the
recommended measures more mandatory in the Radio Regulations. That is a discussion for the
WRC. The IARU is opposed to that as are several regional regulatory organisations.

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